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Meet our
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Health & Wellness
Glenn Squirrels Baltimore Fitness Trainer SOBA
Health & Wellness
Kettle Bells Expert
Ally Melnick Baltimore Fitness Trainer at SOBA
Kettle Bells Expert
Strength & Cond.
TONY STRITTMATTER Baltimore Fitness Trainer SOBA
Strength & Cond.

James Rehak

  • BS Exercise Science from Salisbury University 2010
  • StrongFirst
  • FMS
  • EXOS Performance Specialist
  • Original Strength Foundations
  • 12 yrs. experience as a trainer. 10 years of which in South Baltimore training everyone from beginners to elite athletes.
  • Rugby Player / National Champion:  Played college rugby for Salisbury University then Men’s league rugby with Rocky Gorge Rugby Club and won a National Championship in 2012.


Tony Strittmatter

  • BS Kinesiology from University of Maryland 2009
  • MS Exercise Health Physiology – Strength & Conditioning from Salisbury University 2012
  • NSCA – CPT
  • FMS I&II
  • Original Strength Foundations
  • 11 years experience as a fitness coach. Two years as a strength & conditioning coach with Salisbury University athletic department. Nine years as a personal trainer in South Baltimore, working with clients’ aged 6 to 70+ with varying ability levels. Tony takes an approach that begins with identifying and addressing movement quality.  Once mobility, stability, and movement patterns have been sufficiently addressed, programming begins to focus on muscular endurance, strength, and power, based on the client’s needs and desires.  The ultimate goal is to transform the client into a highly functioning human, that not only looks good, but feels good and is confident in their abilities.


Ally Melnick

  • BS Exercise Science from Salisbury University 2015
  • StrongFirst-SFG1
  • Functional Range Conditioning-FRCms
  • LesMills SPRINT Instructor
  • Six years of personal training experience with one on one coaching, small and large group classes, and virtual sessions. Ally believes strength is a skill every body, no matter the age or lifestyle, should learn and apply to their daily routine. Her goal is to educate and provide a better understanding of the fundamentals behind strength training. She utilizes kettlebell and mobility practice as resources to create a well moving and strong moving body.


Glenn Squirrel

  • Glenn’s passion of health and wellness started young, as his first work experience was as a caregiver at the MD VA hospital and local assistant livings in Maryland.  Until he went to college where he studied kinesiology (the study of movement) and was a two sport college athlete in track and feild and basketball.
  • Glenn began his training career in 2012, where he was/is a private training for 8 years and counting.  While along the way collecting certifications such as: Aquatics I, Silver Sneaker (Program for Seniors), and hobbies/intrest that range from Yoga/gymnastics and meditation to marathon running and elite-sports performance training.  Eventually going back to school  to further knowledge in anatomy. Getting a degree in Massage therapy at CCBC where he did over 700 hours of body work and has done extensive work in Cadaver medical training labs . Glenn’s specializes in rehabilitative and performace based training.  Lifestyle-based training focused on longevity, optimal joint health and mobilization.
  • Some of his favorite saying :  *Health is wealth*”, “Your only as young as your spine” , “More intimate then physical therapy, less expensive then the doctors… striving for same results.”


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