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Kettlebell Fundamentals

Kettlebell Fundamentals

Kettlebell Fundamentals

Mondays @ 5:15pm

Wednesdays @ 6:15pm

Fridays @ 12:30pm

Ally uses StrongFirst’s principles to teach the five major human movements: squat, hinge, push, pull, and carry. The goal is for students to master these essential skills. She recommends this class for anyone interested in starting or growing their fitness experience; as mastering kettlebell skills grants the ability to move with strength, power, and efficiency. Seasoned students are encouraged to use this class to strengthen and refine their technique.


Coach Ally

Ally is committed to building a community that breeds strong, inspiring people who make intentional efforts to better themselves, motivate others, and become their strongest, most resilient body and mind.

Ally Melnick

  • BS Exercise Science from Salisbury University 2015
  • StrongFirst-SFG1
  • Functional Range Conditioning-FRCms
  • LesMills SPRINT Instructor

Six years of personal training experience with one on one coaching, small and large group classes, and virtual sessions.

Ally believes strength is a skill every body, no matter the age or lifestyle, should learn and apply to their daily routine. Her goal is to educate and provide a better understanding of the fundamentals behind strength training. She utilizes kettlebell and mobility practice as resources to create a well moving and strong moving body.